What is a torque sensor?

Issuing time:2022-01-13 14:25

This is a kind of personal transportation that not only has the lightness and convenience of bicycles, but also can effectively compensate for the burden of bicycles when going uphill, against wind, and carrying loads. It is based on a traditional bicycle, equipped with a power system with a torque sensor as the core, equipped with a motor and a battery. The biggest difference from an electric bicycle (electric donkey) is that it does not adjust the power by turning the handle, but uses a torque sensor to sense the strength of the cyclist's pedaling, judge according to the size of the manpower, and then understand the cyclist's riding intention. , and provide corresponding power support. It cannot be driven purely by electric power like an electric bicycle, but requires a hybrid drive of "human power + electricity", so the way of riding this kind of car is no different from riding a bicycle. The proper power provided by electricity perfectly solves the problem of laborious cycling. At the same time, because of the composition of manpower, it can exceed the cruising range of ordinary electric bicycles under the condition of carrying a small battery, which is generally around 50-100 kilometers. Long battery life.

The most cutting-edge technology in the field of Pedelecs is the "torque sensor", which is at the heart of the bicycle's electric power assist system to understand the rider's intentions. High-end electric bicycles all use the most technologically advanced "bilateral torque sensor". This sensor technology has been monopolized by several multinational companies such as German BOSCH and Japanese YAMAHA for a long time. The price of vehicles equipped with this sensor is generally more than 2,000 euros. , which is also a major reason why electric bicycles cannot open the market in China. In the bicycle entrepreneurial team, Qingke independently developed an intelligent power system with a torque sensor as the core, so that the complete vehicle price of urban electric bicycles is less than 4,000 yuan, which is expected to make such vehicles popular in China.

In the low-end electric bicycle products, the "unilateral torque sensor" is widely used (it can only sense the strength of a single pedal, and cannot truly understand the power needs of the rider), which is also the technology used by most domestic electric bicycles at present. , There is a big gap between the riding experience and high-end models. In the field of low-end electric bicycles, there is also a product using "rear axle hook sensor", which is widely used because there is no technical threshold to achieve low cost, and the effect is not good in actual use, so it is basically only used in low-end vehicles. superior.

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